Community & Dance Lab Dance Classes

The Dance Studies Programme offers a range of dance classes Taught by our Dance Lecturers, qualified associated teachers and Dance Lab. Our classes, based at the University of Otago campus in Dunedin, are open to adults aged 16 and over. There is no maximum age limit, subject to adequate levels of fitness. Walk-ins are welcome. All our classes take place in our dance studio on 665 Cumberland Street (opposite Smithell’s Gymnasium, near Otago Museum); ground floor.

Prices are per class. Cash only.

Dance Studies Open/Community classes 2015

Cost from $5-$10 Students with ID
Location: 665 Cumberland School of Physical Education, Main dance studio
Casual attendance or Drop- ins are welcomed

Dance Teacher Biographies

Marea Colombo completed her BA at Middlebury College in Vermont. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Otago. While she considers herself a hip hop choreographer first and foremost, she has also trained in contemporary, jazz, ballroom and competitive aerobics.

Andrew Coshan is completing a Bachelor of Arts with double major in performing arts and theatre studies at the University of Otago this year. He is a musical performer-dancer and teacher. His performance and choreographic specialties include: Tap dance, Hip Hop dance and Contemporary dance.

Ojeya Cruz Banks -Senior Lecturer of Dance Studies in the School of Physical Education and the director of Dance Lab. She is a dance anthropologist who has studied dance in Guinea, Senegal and several other countries. She has worked as a choreographer at several U.S. Universities.

Sophia Kalogeropoulou has a Masters degree in Dance and works as a teaching fellow of Dance Studies in the School of Physical Education and has trained professionally at the Royal Academy of Dance in London and at City Ballet in Auckland and has taught ballet for over twenty years in Greece, London UK, and New Zealand. 479-8965

Margie Lazar - Senior Teaching Fellow at the School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise sciences, and accredited Yoga teacher  who has been teaching Yoga for 7 years. 021 1819940,

Siobhan Milner is passionate about Belly Dance (Middle Eastern Dance) and has been studying it since 2010. In 2014, she completed her Honours research on belly dance injuries at the University of Otago. 027- 3680865.

Suzanne Renner - Senior Lecturer at the College of Education and former dancer and choreographer of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, USA. For more information call Suzanne Renner (contact: 4794934; 027-6286546).

Note: Please call or email teachers directly to receive information or updates on their classes.



Yoga with Margie - Ongoing
General yoga classes that are suited to everybody: from beginner to intermediate level. Some mats and blankets are available.
5.30-7pm – (Upstairs Studio) Cost: $10/ unwaged 7
General yoga classes that are suited to everybody: from beginner to intermediate level.

5.30-7pm – Ongoing Cost: $10/7 - Upstairs

Belly Dance with Siobhan Starts March 2 (8 weeks)

This beginner level class will teach you foundational movements of belly dance.  Rooted in Middle Eastern social dance, characterised by rolling undulations, smooth circles, and of course, shimmies!  You will learn some history and heaps of fun combos.

7.00-8.00 Cost: Student $5 - Downstairs


Beginner West African dance (Lunchtime) with Ojeya Starts March 3th

Designed for beginner, this class explores rhythmic dance from Guinea and Senegal- roots of hip hop- and basic dance techniques, stamina, back strength, and musicality are developed.

12noon-1p Cost: $7/$10 - Upstairs

Intermediate/ Advanced Ballet with SophiaStarts February 24th

Designed to increase technical ability, musicality and stamina while having a good time.
6:00-7:30pm - Starts February 24 Cost $8/$6 - Downstairs


Hip Hop (Lunchtime) with Marea Starts March 4th (8 weeks)

Suitable for a wide range of dancers. There will be options for difficulty levels within the class. 

12noon-1p- Starts Cost: Student $5/ $7 Waged - Upstairs

Modern Dance with Suzanne  Starts February 25th

Open to those who want to dance for exercise, creativity, expression and to build technique. Best suited for those with some dance or movement-training background, but beginners are welcome to trial.

5.30-7.00p Cost: $8/$6 - Upstairs


West African Dance with live Music! Starts March 5th

Taught by Ojeya Cruz Banks
Moving to djembe rhythms from Guinea, you explore basic dance techniques, while developing stamina, back strength, musicality and feeling joy!

5.15-6.30pm Cost: $7/10 - Upstairs

Elementary/ Beginners Ballet with Sophia Starts February 26

Appropriate for those who have a minimum of 2 years' experience, or who would like to re-start training after a long break.

6.00-7:30pm - Cost $8/$6 - Downstairs


Hip Hop Taught by Andrew Coshan starts March 6th (6 weeks)

A beginner to intermediate level class designed to be an enjoyable dance experience.

6:30pm – 7.30p Cost: Student $5/ $7 Waged - Downstairs

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